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   Independence, MO 64050
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The choice of a
lawyer is an
important decision
and should not be
made solely upon
~ Patrick's Philosophy ~

"I've worked in the 'big law firm' environment before,
but now I pride myself on a results-driven practice
focusing on helping regular people and small businesses
resolve legal issues.  I started my law firm to meet
what I saw as an unmet need for quality legal services at
a price regular people can afford.  To that end, I
believe in a client-lawyer partnership that focuses on
results, trust, and value."

Patrick Cierpiot brings experienced and vigorous
representation to clients in legal areas including:

* Job discrimination, including sexual
harassment and whistle-blower claims,
and employment law;

* Criminal Law, DWI's and traffic

* Election Law;

* Injuries caused by the carelessness
of others;

* Real estate, contract disputes,
commercial litigation and business law;

* Consumer law;

* Family Law;

* General civil litigation;

~ Results and value-driven practice ~
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